Programs & Services

Boards and Commissions

Department of Cultural Affairs divisions are governed by boards and commissions made up of citizens of the state of New Mexico.

Museum Boards

Museum boards and museum commissions within the Department of Cultural Affairs establish policy, determine the mission and development of the museum, and exercise trusteeship over the collections of each individual museum. DCA has five such boards:

  • Museum of New Mexico Board of Regents

  • New Mexico Museum of Space History Commission

  • Board of Trustees of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

  • Board of the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum

  • Board of Directors of the National Hispanic Cultural Center

New Mexico Arts Commission

The New Mexico Arts Commission is the advisory body for New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs. The Commission has 15 members appointed by the governor. Commissioners serve three-year terms.

The mission of the Arts Commission, in conjunction with New Mexico Arts, is to stimulate opportunities for artists, arts organizations, and other groups for activities or projects to provide artistic or cultural services to the state, to maintain and encourage artistic excellence, and to promote awareness of and access to the arts for all of the people of New Mexico.

Cultural Properties Review Committee

The Cultural Properties Review Committee is created by the Cultural Properties Act to serve as a professional policy-making/advisory board for historic preservation in New Mexico. As provided by this statute, the Committee consists of nine members which have achieved recognition for accomplishment in his or her field in the American Southwest, and each must have specialized knowledge of New Mexico.

New Mexico State Library Commission

The Library Commission provides advice, upon request of the State Librarian, on matters and duties of the State Library and any other issues related to libraries in New Mexico.

New Mexico Music Commission

The New Mexico Music Commission provides educational and economic development resources for musicians and music-related industries. Since its inception, the New Mexico Music Commission has undertaken a number of significant projects.