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Alcoves 16/17

On display through Mar 26, 2017 at the New Mexico Museum of Art

Bear Market (detail) by Scott Greene, 2015.Courtesy of the artist and Catharine Clark Gallery

Alcoves 16/17 is a series of seven rotations over the course of a year which will include thirty-five artists in total from across New Mexico. Each rotation will include five artists who will show for seven weeks,

The Alcove exhibitions can be traced back to founding of the Art Gallery of the Museum of New Mexico, now the New Mexico Museum of Art. Small one-person exhibitions were held in the gallery alcoves through the 1950s, resuming in the mid-1980s and early 1990s. In 2012 we revived the Alcove tradition as artist-centered showcases to feature new ideas, artists at all stages of their careers and artwork that is being made in New Mexico right now.

When the New Mexico Museum of Art was established in 1917, the building was designed in a style to celebrate the historic architecture of New Mexico. Unusually for that era, the museum was created to exhibit artwork contemporary to the time. At that same time, artists were solicited to come to New Mexico to see, capture, and interpret the remarkable landscape and culture of the region. Many of the artists who came at that time and exhibited here at the museum now form the historic core of our permanent collection.

New Mexico continues to draw artists to live and work here.. To celebrate the artists who work in our state, and in anticipation of the of the Museum’s upcoming centennial, we are presenting a year-long cycle of Alcove exhibitions.

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